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Guinness Book of Record - 2018
The Diana Award - 2019

The purpose of the Diana Award is to appreciate and celebrate the work in society. The Award is the most prestigious accolade a young person aged 9-25 can receive for their social action or humanitarian work. Therefore, team efforts were internationally recognized, for our humanitarian efforts and commitments.

Rotary Citation and PHF recog.

While contributing $1000 for the polio eradication around the world, simultaneously distributed more than 3 lakhs condoms for the awareness of HIV & AIDS. In the year 2018 I received a prestigious recognition on behalf of Rotaract Club of Ardent Youth by serving as a President and leading the team to the success.

A dream of two travelers of discovering a country within 101 days. I took charge as a program director while focusing on getting their dream come true of experiencing the beauty of incredible India while tasting the flavors of mesmerizing culture and diversity with in the nation, while traveling through different states. This resulted in helping us to achieve IBR 2022.

Walk for Life - CanSupport

Stride against Cancer to raise awareness about the rising incidence of cancer, show solidarity with cancer patients, and their caregivers. The event is held every year in February to celebrate World Cancer Day. I got an opportunity to lead the last physical walk as a project manager, where almost 11,000 people, including cancer survivors and patients. People from all walks of life, different age groups, and professions from Delhi NCR as well as expats and diplomats from various embassies and high commissions have walked with them to show they care.

India Book of Records - 2016

Being a philanthropist, I have been associated with 6 international organisations along with the corporate experience of 4 years in the field of Project management, Client interaction & Business development.

Currently assisting AMJ Campbell as an Executive assistant and IT PM in the beautiful city of Montreal.

While discovering pool of opportunity and finding everyday as a stage of growth and development even with the possibility of even 1%.
I am looking forward to assisting my connections in discovering themselves and fulfilling their awaited Desires

While spreading awareness for Polio disease and Child education, the longest journey on bicycle in a country is 19,400.83 Km. It was achieved with Rotaractor MJ Pavan & Bhagyashree Sawant. The travel was done between 2nd October 2017 to 3 April 2018.

Build your own dreams

Or someone else will hire you to build theirs. Here is how you can take action – starting today.

FOREVER A Believer

A human being who happens to believe within himself, will hustle hard to get his desires accomplish. In the same way 3days of work within one is one of the best practices, one should start doing.

Year 2023 turned out to be one full of blessings. Since the beginning, I received 2 promotions, one increment, Multiple job opportunities, cleared out my Indian financial debts, fulfilled multiple desires, Received US visa and had my mom along for future journey in Canada. There after I am looking forward to my financial independence and pursuing my hobby of acting.

Talking about year 2015-16,When I was inducted as a founding member and then served as a board member of Rotaract Club of Ardent Youth. In R.Y. 2016-17 as a club secretary, It was my honor to take care of projects like Kashmir to kanyakumari, Swatch Paryavaran Rally and RYLA, Walk for Life(Cansupport), International Condoms Day (AHF) on behalf Rotary District 3011.

This was the time when i was elected as a District Rotaract Secretary, Club President & was recognized as the Paul Harris Fellow with the contribution of 1000$.

The R.Y 2017-18 was in itself a memorable one, this time we build the foundation for recognition like Guinness, Diana, India award/records along with Rotary Citation and felicitations. While winning multiple international competitions and representation in various states and districts. till now I had traveled around 16 states of India.

After completing my graduation in the field of the computer science engineering, I gained corporate experience for two years from International BPO’s and BYJUS as a Sr. Education counselor and a client support. Not to forget my mother helped me in exploring office working, through supporting her in daily business activities.

The foundation of this dynamic journey started at the time of schooling, in school days i was used to take part in most of all the extra curricular activities. From being the National level Judo champion to the Inter-state extempore winner. I was part of 2 times Debating matters India which is organised by British Council.
From being first ever assembly in-charge to the journey of Student of the year in 2014, S.D Public School played a major role in molding my personality.

With deep interest in computers i took admission in NIIT for GNIIT course and in the first month was recognized as Mr. fresher.


person in black long sleeve shirt holding persons hand
person in black long sleeve shirt holding persons hand
PM (Agile - Scrum)
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person holding black rotary telephone
person holding black rotary telephone
Non-Verbal Communication
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a group of people holding hands on top of a tree
a group of people holding hands on top of a tree
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Critical Thinking (PS)
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